Daily and Weekly Rentals
Select from our good range of vehicles from small to medium sized and sports car to luxury cars available at reasonable prices. We give excellent car hire rates and special discounted rates.

Short – Long Term Lease ( 1 month to 3 years )
We offer this service to give everybody a chance to drive different cars every year. You can enjoy our short and long term lease whether it’s for personal or corporate use. We provide flexible and convenient possibilities.
•   New Cars
•   Fixed monthly payment
•   No yearly registration hassle
•   Free maintenance and replacement vehicles
•   No finance or hidden costs
•   Commercial vehicle rental
•   Dedicated lease coordinators
•   Full comprehensive insurance

For more information about our long term lease and for your bookings please contact us.

Chauffeur Services
Not familiar with UAE routes, worry no more! Our Personal Driver service provides you with the added perk of being driven by a well-groomed, multilingual professional chauffeur. You can count on our drivers to provide you with quality service anytime, anywhere in the UAE.

Other Services
•   24-hour service
•   Worldwide reservation facility
•   Airport transfers
•   Staff transportation solutions
•   All vehicles are fitted with SALIK card
•   GPS/Navigation system